I'm Hannah and I'm from England. I spend 95% of my time reading or on the internet. I'm just kinda trying to figure out life right now and I'm not really sure where I can go from here. I'm here if you ever need me for anything.

I start work at 6:30 and yeah I’m only 18 minutes late.


 made a tiny comic to remind myself that it’s possible to pick myself up when I’m down and I just gotta keep trying. 

Just a little reminder practice kindness, practice self-love, Imperfection is beauty, you have to want to be happy and you will get there someday. Stop stressing; it’s okay to make mistakes. I think you are amazing and you are enough. So when you are facing hard times just take a deep breath and try to let it go, keep calm and stay positive. I believe in you.

I got glasses. I only need them for reading which means practically all the time.